I was very fortunate to spend a decade at Imperial College researching the seminal works of brilliant minds, particularly in science and technology, who revolutionised the way we view the world and how we can build our future. This inspired all my subsequent efforts to support those now dedicated to making the urgently needed rapid shift to strong, secure growth.

Through an ongoing 20 year series of EU and UK funded technology development projects as scientist/manufacturer with some of the finest European research groups devoted to sustainability housed within The Fraunhofer Institute, Imperial, etc. we developed a most valuable toolkit. It has been built upon the 50 year old discipline known as non-imaging optics for optimally funnelling photons from source to target on which many hundreds of millions has been spent globally to develop its capability particularly for solar power.

Our recent application of this toolkit to other fields such as optical sensing, optical wireless communications and lighting has demonstrated its potential to make significant, completely unanticipated contributions. What is more this cross-fertilisation has resulted in greatly enhancing efficacy in solar applications.

In trying to meet the challenge of using this toolkit to make its full contribution to strong, secure growth we and our collaborators have found that it is not simply a matter of having an array of excellent innovations, the imagination to best utilise them in combination is also required.

Please see Transphotonics.uk for more about the toolkit and its applications and AllCouldThrive.com for the route to their full utilisation.



1977 - Present

B Clive & Co

Application of a type of systems thinking, (derived from researching leading scientists and world leaders that have shaped our thinking,) to a wide variety of client organisations in the fields of technology development, manufacturing, property, investment, solar energy and water, focussing on sustainable development.

This methodology is powerful in modifying existing systems. In the last two decades this has been particularly applied to technologies and manufacturing methods to significantly reduce costs of products.

The results have included reduction in consumer product prices in the UK of tool-boxes through producing a range for Argos, and cable reels by producing a range for Homebase. Internationally the Oxfam project mentioned below considerably reduced costs for emergency water carriers.

More recent work has concentrated on synergising recent advances to develop solar technology with leading research institutions such as Imperial College and Fraunhofer Institute to generate power, water from air and enable highly competitive industrial processing and high quality food to be grown sustainably even in an arid desert.


CEO and owner of SolarTech Transformer ltd.

Exploitation and Dissemination Manager of SOLGAIN EU Framework 7 Project developing a high refractive index material and low cost static building integrated solar electricity concentrator system. Photon Harvester ltd founded 2015 for this purpose.

Co-author of a publicly funded report into very high bandwidth IR and visible light data communications employing my recent advances in non-imaging optics developed for solar energy generation.

Developed an MCS and EU accredited production line for low cost solar vacuum tube water heating system retaining efficiency for vertical application

Developed a transparent blind that reflects direct sunlight and allows skylight to illuminate building interior.

Co-wrote multi-partner FP7 EU Integrated Project proposal with Imperial College and CNR



CEO, Optical Products Ltd

Optical Products was established in 1941 to manufacture products for the ophthalmic and other optical industries centred on plastic injection moulding. (Ave turnover £600,000; Ave staff 35)

Implemented the restructuring of the company to include other manufacturing processes and product design and development capabilities. Directed the design, development and setting up of the manufacturing of several successful ranges of products for newly acquired customers such as Argos, Sainsbury’s Homebase and Oxfam. Focused the company on Environmental and developmental technology.

Developed economical stand-alone solar concentrator systems for electricity generation. Invented optical system that permits cost-effective building integrated concentrator systems. This work secured EU grant for Optical Products to develop the system and to construct a production line. Our partners include the University of Reading, the Fraunhofer ISE and Barcelona University.

Worked with Imperial College since 2000 on developing economic terrestrial concentrator modules incorporating advanced photovoltaic III-V space cells.

Developed for Oxfam a very low cost family scale water filtration system.

Developed with Fraunhofer IGB a low cost low temperature solar powered desalination system.

1975-7: Science Museum, London, Research Assistant, Mathematics

1973-5: Calverly Dubois, Chartered Accountants, Articled clerk


1973-9: Doctoral Research at Imperial College into the methodologies of revolutionary scientists

1973-5: Completion of articles, Institute of Chartered Accountants

1970-3: B.Sc.(Hons), Associate of the Royal College of Science, Dept of Mathematics, Imperial College, London University (specialising in mathematical physics, operations research and the history of science and technology)

1968-9: City of London College (London Metropolitan University). Passed one year full time foundation course of the Institute of Chartered Accountants

1959-66: St Marylebone Grammar School

Published Papers

17th European PV Solar Energy Conference, Munich, Germany, Oct 2001.

Low-cost Materials for Small Photovoltaic Concentrating Systems

G R. Whitfield and B. Clive.

DTI/ETSU reports

Very Low Cost Concentrators

B Clive

1st International Solar Concentrator Conference, New Orleans, May 2002

The development of small concentrating PV system

G. R. Whitfield, R. W. Bentley, C. K. Weatherbyand B. Clive



W. Browne, A. Wheldon, M. Norton; 1 A. Iborra, J. Villlarejo, E. Jódar; 2 S. Glunz, A. Mohr, T. Roth, A. Bett; 3N. Gawehns, M. McCann, P. Fath; 4 J. Jimenez, L. Alcedo; 5 M. Bremerich; 6 B. Clive; 7J. Andreu; 8 C. Weatherby, R. Bentley, J. Brooker, S. Wheeler, J. Teruel. 9



M. Norton1, R. Bentley2 and B. Clive3

Resolving the energy crisis: nuclear or photovoltaics?

Nature materials Mar ‘06



Optimised Dielectric Totally Internally Reflecting Concentrator for the Solar Photonic Optoelectronic Transformer System: Maximum Concentration Method

Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information and Engineering SystemsLecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 6279, 2010, pp 633-641

Firdaus Muhammad-Sukki, Roberto Ramirez-Iniguez, Scott G. McMeekin, Brian G. Stewart, Barry Clive


Solar Concentrators

Firdaus Muhammad-Sukki, Roberto Ramirez-Iniguez, Scott G. McMeekin, Brian G. Stewart, Barry Clive

International Journal of Applied Sciences May 2010




Millennium Products: In the mid ‘90’s headed the team that designed, developed and manufactured a 14 litre stackable drinking water carrier for emergency aid for Oxfam. It was chosen as one of twenty exemplar products to launch the Millennium Products Initiative, which was intended to demonstrate the strength of innovation in British Industry. We were also presented with the award.

Design is emerging as a key part of New Labour’s post-industrial vision, together of course with compassion. What better symbol of the new mood than the Oxfam plastic bucket? The bucket has seen service in the refugee camps of Kisangani, is made in London and is hailed by Blair as a good example of the pre-eminence of British design and creativity.

The Guardian (19/9/97)


Inventor of several solar concentrator patents:

Venetian Blind Solar Concentrator


Static Translucent Building Integrated Solar Photovoltaic Concentrator


High Concentration Window Integrated Solar PV Generator


Major Grants

EU R & D (Each around 1m Euro Grant)

Building Integrated Solar Concentrator Blind Manufacturing

Solar Desalination

Bifacial Solar PV

High Refractive Index Solar Concentrator

UK Government R & D

Building Integrated Solar Concentrator Light Wall (£427k)

Curtain Wall Solar Concentrator (£150k)


Nationality: British

Residence: London

Interests: Great minds, the physical universe, the future, sustainability, Shakespeare, lawn tennis, real tennis